Luciano Berio: 6 Encores For Piano

Bog | Klaver solo

Komponist: Luciano Berio
Format: Nodehæfter | Partitur

6 first steps to new piano music - In order to become familiar with a composers works, its best to consider his compositions chronologically. On the one hand this helps to recognize fundamental structures, and on the other, to determine changes and developments. Luciano Berios 6 Encores are ideal for such an approach. The six short pieces were composed in the years between 1965 and 1990 and reflect very different moments of Berios piano music. As can be assumed from the titles: Wasserklavier, Luftklavier, Erdenklavier etc., the composer uses a different harmonic structure for each work and a continually changing piano technique to ensure each work has an effect of its own. Nevertheless, the cyclic character of all these little pieces becomes evident especially from Berios unequivocal formal references to other piano works (e.g. Concerto per due pianoforti, Points on the curve to find, Echoing curves, Sequenza IV). Experienced musicians appreciate the 6 Encores as the icing on the cake.

ISBN: 9783702465216
Udgivet på: 05 juli 2018
Katalognummer: UE33013

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      Luciano Berio: 6 Encores For Piano
      Klaver solo
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