The 2-In-1 Drummer (Book/DVD)

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Author: Walfredo Reyes
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole

The 2-in-1 Drummer is a fun, challenging collaboration between Cuban drumming legend Walfredo Reyes, Sr., Elliot Fine, co-author of the extraordinarily influential drumset method 4-Way Coordination, David Stanoch, and Mark Powers. By combining standard drumset rhythms with established percussion rhythms for a single player, this inspiring book/DVD study will teach you how to create a "bigger beat" in a wide variety of popular musical styles. Hence, The 2-in-1 Drummer!

ISBN: 9780739098752
Udgivet på: 10 juli 2018
Katalognummer: ALF41451

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      The 2-In-1 Drummer (Book/DVD)
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