Samson: SE10 P3 Headset Microphone Kit

Forlag: Samson

Make your gigs and presentations even more interesting with this high-quality microphone. This discrete headset microphone can easily be clamped around the ear and ensures a great sound.

The main advantage of this headset is the fact that you can wear it comfortably. To make it compatible for any type of beltpack, the microphone is delivered with the most popular beltpack connectors (mini XLR and 3.5mm jack).

The headset is delivered highly complete in a splashproof coating, so that sweat and dirt won't influence the sound. Thanks to the supple materials of the left and right ear, and the soft ear pads, the wearing comfort is very high.

Udgivet på: 27 juli 2018
Katalognummer: SWA3CS

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