Fabian Payr: Finger Fitness For Guitarists

Bog | Guitar

Forlag: Ricordi
Author: Fabian Payr
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole

Good technique doesn’t appear overnight. Technical exercises are necessary but have a reputation for being boring and frustrating - perhaps this is down to perspective and attitude. Fabian Payr has developed an approach in Finger Fitness to train dexterity—among other things—in a way that is anything but tedious. The focus of this collection of exercises are efficiency, accuracy and variety. With minimum time devoted to practice, a maximum benefit can be achieved, and monotony is avoided altogether through the built-in variations. Finger Fitness is a collection of short exercises in almost every area of guitar technique from beginner to advanced level. From the wealth of material provided, the guitarist can focus on his or her specific abilities and targets by creating a personalised practice regime to be worked through in the course of a week. Finger Fitness provides the solution to enjoyable yet target-oriented practice.

ISBN: 9790204229185
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: SY2918

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