First 15 Lessons – Banjo

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Forlag: Hal Leonard
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole

The First 15 Lessons series provides a step-by-step lesson plan for the absolute beginner, complete with audio tracks, video lessons, and real songs! Designed for self-teaching or for use with an instructor, you'll build a solid foundation as you work through each lesson, learning the basics of the instrument and music reading while practicing the many exercises, concepts and song excerpts within. Must-know instruction so you can start playing right away, with a free online tuner and metronome!

This banjo book features video and print lessons by author and banjo master Kristin Scott Benson on: banjo fundamentals; music reading; tuning; three-finger Scruggs style; bluegrass banjo rolls; chords & scales; and slides, hammer-ones & pull-offs. Includes lead & backup banjo parts for these bluegrass songs: Boil Them Cabbage Down • Cripple Creek • Oh! Susanna • Old Joe Clark • When the Saints Go Marching In.

ISBN: 9781540003010
Udgivet på: 09 august 2018
Katalognummer: HL00244649

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      First 15 Lessons – Banjo
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