Ed Friedland: Rock Bass 101

Bog | Basguitar

Forlag: Hal Leonard
Author: Ed Friedland
Format: Bøger | Opslagsbog

There's more to rock bass playing than just following the guitarist's left hand! This book with audio demo exercises and full-length tunes available online for download or streaming gives you all the tools you need to construct your own bass lines, creatively and effectively, in a rock context. Learn to play the perfect line for any musical situation – on the spot! Topics covered include: tips on playing position and posture • warm-up exercises • essential scales and rhythms • building with octaves, appraoch notes, and fifths • box shapes, pentatonic scales and blues • and rhythmic variations.

ISBN: 9781540026682
Udgivet på: 09 august 2018
Katalognummer: HL00275914

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        Ed Friedland: Rock Bass 101
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