Christopher Powell: The Classical Harpist

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Format: Nodehæfter | Studie

The Classical Harpist - Transcriptions of 17th and 18th century music for Celtic or Pedal Harp.

1. Hornpipe: Source: Arrangement of 'Abdelazer' by Purcell 2. Passacaille: Source: Suite no. 7 in G minor by GF Handel 3. Adagio: Source: Arrangement by Croft of 'Trumpet Overture' 4. Chaconne: Source: Chaconne by Clarke 5. Sonatina: Source: Sonatina by GF Handel 6. Carillon: Source: collection of music attributed to Handel 7. Allegro: Source: Suite no. 8 in G major by GF Handel.

ISBN: 9790570321001
Udgivet på: 12 juni 2017
Katalognummer: MEX246049Y

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