Scottish Music Graded Exams Fiddle - Grade 4 (2014-2020)

Bog | Violin

Forlag: Taigh na Teud
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole

The Fiddle Syllabus 2014-2020 offers a great choice of tunes for your repertoire or to create a programme for TMGE or SQA exams or for ceilidhs, mods and concerts. Collected from many well known players, teachers and arrangers.

For the Grade 4 Fiddle syllabus 2014-2020, we offer you a choice of tunes to start you on your way to a rich and varied repertoire. Where appropriate, tunes in this volume have been edited for guidance purposes. 

The arrangements represent the technical standard to be expected at the grade, and as such should be adhered to by candidates when performing in the exam.

ISBN: 9781906804947
Udgivet på: 09 oktober 2015
Katalognummer: 9781906804947

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