Beth Denisch: Contemporary Counterpoint (Book/Online Audio)

Bog og Digitale Audio

Forlag: Berklee Press
Author: Beth Denisch
Serie: Berklee Guide
Format: Nodehæfter | Sangalbum

Use counterpoint to make your music more engaging and creative. Counterpoint – the relationship between musical voices – is among the core principles for writing music, and it has been central to the study of composition for many centuries. Whether you are a composer, arranger, film composer, orchestrator, music director, bandleader, or improvising musician, this book will help hone your craft, gain control, and lead you to new creative possibilities. You will learn “tricks of the trade” from the masters and apply these skills to contemporary styles. Online audio examples illustrate the principles being discussed, and many recommended listening lists point you to additional examples of how these principles have been used in music over the past thousand years.

ISBN: 9780876391839
Udgivet på: 21 september 2017
Sideantal: 184
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: HL00147050