Fender: Venice Soprano Ukulele - Black

Instrument | Ukulele

Forlag: Fender
Format: Instrumenter | Instrument

Inspired by the entertaining sights and unique, carefree spirit of Venice, California, we created a soprano ukulele that captures its vibe—the Venice Ukulele. Thanks to its compact, comfortable body size, the Venice travels easily from the beach to the studio or jam room while retaining the classic, light sound that made the ukulele a "must-have" for today's players.

The slim "C"-shaped neck profile is comfortable to hold and easy to play, while the no-tie bridge makes changing strings a breeze. A stylish bound top and 4-in-line Tele® headstock adds a unique dash of Fender style that can't be duplicated.

Let all your cares drift out to sea, embrace the music of the boardwalk and live the beach life year-round with the Venice Ukulele.

  • Soprano-sized ukulele
  • No-tie bridge
  • 4-in-line Tele headstock
  • Udgivet på: 06 juli 2018
    Katalognummer: FND0971610506

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          London GB
          The look and the fact it is a Fender
          Machineheads feel very cheap and they are difficult to tune accurately. Falls out of tune too easily. The tone is not as good as my daughter's cheap Mahalo which is also easier to play.
          Bekræftet køb: 30 juli 2018
          Udgivet den: 13 august 2018

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