Taylor: 322CE Grand Concert Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Instrument | Halvakustisk guitar

Forlag: Taylor
Format: Instrumenter | Instrument

Taylor’s 12-fret necks feature the slightly shorter 24-7/8-inch scale length of the Grand Concert and a repositioned bridge that sits closer to the center of the lower bout. The result is a slinkier handfeel that makes it easier to form chords and bend strings, and a tonal response that boasts surprising power, warmth, and sustain for the smaller body. The blackwood back and sides produce a strong midrange focus with a splash of top-end shimmer, while the mahogany top helps even out the tonal response. Other distinctive features include a shaded edgeburst top, an all-satin finish, small diamond inlays in Italian acrylic, a Venetian cutaway, and Taylor’s Expression System 2 pickup.

Udgivet på: 08 marts 2018
Katalognummer: 322CE12FRET

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      Taylor: 322CE Grand Concert Electro-Acoustic Guitar
      Halvakustisk guitar
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