Janaki Bakhle: Two Men And Music


Komponist: Janaki Bakhle
Format: Bøger | Opslagsbog

A provocative account of the development of modern national culture in India using classical music as a case study. Janaki Bakhle demonstrates how the emergence of an Indian cultural tradition reflected colonial and exclusionary practices, particularly the exclusion of Muslims by the Brahmanic elite, which occurred despite the fact that Muslims were the major practiti oners of the Indian music that was installed as a Hindu national tradition. This book lays bare how a nation's imaginings--from politics to culture--reflect rather than transform societal divisions.

ISBN: 9780195166118
Udgivet på: 03 november 2005
Sideantal: 360
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: 9780195166118

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