Flight: TUS35 ABS Travel Ukulele - Orange (With Bag)

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The Travel Series is a truly unique range of ukuleles. They are made almost entirely from ABS plastic, but with a wooden top. The TUS35 has a linden plywood top with wiped colour satin finish. The arched back, plastic body allows for great sound projection, but also fantastic durability. There is no binding between with body and neck, which is also plastic and so will not bend. This ukulele is perfect for beginners, for players that need a portable uke but also for players looking for something a bit different.

  • Body Shape - Soprano (12 frets)
  • Top - Linden
  • Back & Sides - ABS
  • Bridge - ABS
  • Neck - ABS
  • Fretboard - ABS
  • Nut & Saddle - ABS
  • Position Markers - 5th, 7th, 10th and 12th frets.
  • Premium Features - Zero Fret, Wooden Top, Arched back, Open Geared Tuners, ABS Fretboard, Side Dots.
Udgivet på: 15 marts 2018
Katalognummer: TUS35OR

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        The Great Basin GB ukulele hack
        Great, sturdy, and really good sounding.
        This uke has surprisingly good tone, volume and sustain. When you factor in the price and the materials of construction, it's truly amazing.
        While it looks like a toy with the bright colors and plastic construction, it is anything but.
        This is a true instrument and I'd highly recommend it as a first uke over those only slightly cheaper and completely terrible sounding and playing "entry level" ukes.
        It's also great for it's intended purpose as a travel uke. It shrugs off the bumps that would ding a wooden uku. Leave those wood ones at home and bring this one along, no case needed!
        I have no problem letting my 3 year old use this and walk off unattended with it.
        I'm thinking of getting a second one to keep at work so I can practice at lunch.
        Frets are just a little low, even though the action is great it's a struggle sometimes to get the notes to ring compared to my other soprano.
        Bekræftet køb: 23 januar 2019
        Udgivet den: 05 februar 2019

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