Rob MacKillop: Introduction to the Lute (Book/Audio)

Bog | Lut

Komponist: Rob MacKillop
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole
This book is aimed at beginner lute and guitar players interested in playing Renaissance lute music on either instrument. Lute and guitar tablature are included, along with notes on technique, biographies of lute composers from the 16th century, and general advice on buying, stringing and tuning a lute. The book starts with single-line melodies, before progressing to two-part and full repertoire pieces. Selections include works by great Renaissance composers such as John Dowland, Francesco da Milano, Alonso Mudarra, Francesco Spinacino and others, with music from England, Scotland, Italy, France and Germany. A useful chord chart is also included. Every piece in the book has been recorded for download by Rob MacKillop--in itself, an album worth owning. Includes access to online audio.
ISBN: 9780786697991
Udgivet på: 05 december 2017
Katalognummer: MLB30589M

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