Tom & Will: 63UKC Concert Ukulele Gig Bag - Stripes

| Ukulele

Forlag: Tom & Will

The call for a Ukulele bag as unique and fun as the instrument itself has been answered by Tom & Will!

Don’t pick up the wrong Uke after rehearsal due to boring bag syndrome, the 63UK series will allow you to quickly and easily identify your Uke.

The 63UK series features water resistant exterior materials, 5mm padding and the Tom & Will liner on all models. These bags have strong zippers with custom Tom & Will rubber pulls that open the full length of three sides of the bag, making it quick and easy to put your instrument away.

Available in a range of exciting colours for soprano, concert and tenor Ukuleles.

Udgivet på: 27 oktober 2017
Katalognummer: 63UKC103

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