Harlequin Violin Outfit - 4/4 Size, Pink

Instrument | Violin

Forlag: Harlequin
Format: Instrumenter | Instrument

Harlequin is a range of good quality coloured Violins. The Violins are carved from solid tonewoods and offer quality, style and good tone. Harlequin coloured Violins are supplied in a lightweight shaped case with full music pocket and external shoulder rest/phone pocket. A reliable matching coloured wood bow is included (may not match instrument colour)

  • Carved from solid tonewoods
  • Made to correct specifications
  • Hardwood pegs
  • Black hardwood fingerboard
  • Composite tailpiece with integral adjusters
  • Lightweight shaped case
  • Coloured wood bow
  • Udgivet på: 20 oktober 2005
    Katalognummer: STE1401APK

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