Berklee Guitar Style Studies (Book/Media)

Bog og Digitale Audio | Guitar

Forlag: Hal Leonard
Author: Jim Kelly
Serie: Berklee Guide
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole

Learn how to play in the style of guitar greats such as Jeff Beck, Mike Stern, Kenny Burrell, Joe Pass, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and other players. This workshop will help you develop your own approaches and phrase your own solos by using the techniques of master guitar players. Learn to play rock, blues, jazz, funk, Latin or R&B. Traditional lead sheet music notation and guitar tablature includes notes on style, tempo, form, fingerings, song descriptions and commentary, hints, tips, and practice ideas. Note: This revised edition includes the content from several products in the “Jim Kelly Guitar Workshop” series, with audio and video files available online.

ISBN: 9780876391754
Udgivet på: 27 juli 2017
Sideantal: 96
Katalognummer: HL00200377

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