Nino Rota: Concerto No. 2

Bog | Cello, Orkester

Forlag: Schott Music
Format: Bøger | Lommepartitur

The Cello Concerto No. 2 is Nino Rota's third contribution to the genre, but he does not include the early Cello Concerto dating back to 1925 in his own list of works: this composition only received its very much delayed first performance in Milan in November 2010. The much later Cello Concerto No. 2 was created around the same time as Rota’s work on the soundtrack for The Godfather II for which the composer received an Oscar in 1975. Although there are no direct quotations from the film-track in this concerto, the section in 6/8-time displays a slight hint of the well-known Sicilian Pastorale.

ISBN: 9790001161411
Udgivet på: 25 maj 2017
Katalognummer: ED22591

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    Nino Rota: Concerto No. 2
    Cello, Orkester
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