Nikolai Kapustin: Sonata No.1 Op.39

Bog | Klaver solo

Forlag: Schott Music
Komponist: Nikolai Kapustin
Format: Nodehæfter | Studie

Nikolai Kapustin's Sonata No.1 for Piano was composed in 1984 and has a duration of approximately 18 minutes.

Kapustin composed his first Piano Sonata, op.39, in 1984 - surprisingly late in his career. Its subtitle, Sonata-Fantasia, and the fact that the first three movements are played without a break, give the impression of a constant stream of thought; the first movement certainly has an improvisatory feel and the second begins in an equally searching way. But in the scherzo and finale it is obvious that the composer is unable to repress his love of the sheer physical aspect of playing; the finale, especially, is an unstoppable tour de force.


ISBN: 9790001162784
Udgivet på: 28 marts 2017
Katalognummer: ED22655

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      Nikolai Kapustin: Sonata No.1 Op.39
      Klaver solo
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