Brunswick Tenor Ukulele - Mahogany

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Forlag: Brunswick
Format: Instrumenter | Instrument

These Ukuleles are the point at which novelty stops and more serious musicality can begin. Each model features a mahogany top, back and sides and high quality geared machineheads and a great tone too!

Udgivet på: 21 april 2017
Katalognummer: BAMBU4T

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        Plymouth GB
        I like the look of the instrument. It has a lovely warm tone. It takes its place in my hand and under my arm very comfortably. It's very well made and looks like a musical instrument not a child's toy. It tunes quickly and easily and more importantly holds the tuning well even with prolonged playing.
        The fret wires feel quite sharp on their ends where the fret wires on my guitars are virtually unnoticeable.
        Bekræftet køb: 30 august 2017
        Udgivet den: 15 september 2017

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