Inner Drumming

Bog og DVDs / Videos | Trommer

Forlag: Sher Music Co
Author: George Marsh
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole

All drummers need to practice their rudiments and the various styles of music in which they are involved. But there is another crucial aspect of music not covered by those efforts. George Marsh’s landmark book, Inner Drumming gives you the missing ingredient: internal awareness of your body as you are playing.

Develop a greater sense of mastery of body and drumset by learning to feel the energy flowing through all four of your limbs as you play

Beautifully-produced DVD inside the book shows how to practice each set of exercises;

Increase relaxation and remove energy blockages to personal musical expression by learning the process of “scanning” all limbs as you play.

Inspired by Tai Chi, yoga, and meditation, Inner Drumming guides you in the process of listening with your arms and legs. This allows both body and mind to be involved in the act of making music.

ISBN: 9781883217891
Udgivet på: 19 december 2016
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: 9781883217891

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      Inner Drumming
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