Helen Marlais: Succeeding At The Piano - Lesson And Technique Book: Preparatory (Book/CD) (2nd Edition)

Bog og CD | Klaver solo

Author: Helen Marlais
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole

Helen MarlaisSucceeding At The Piano: Lesson And Technique Book - Preparatory introduces basic rhythmic figures, dynamics, correct and healthy technique, notes in Middle C position and C position, reading from guide notes, basic intervals and musical terms and symbols. The Tissue Box and Drip-Drop-Roll are two touch releases reinforced throughout the entire 2nd Edition.

This edition offers a cleaner look, easier student solos and teacher duets, simplified technique and terrific motivational music to build a solid musical foundation that instills love of Piano playing. The CD allows students to hear Piano music played well with correct phrasing, dynamics and inflection.

Skill Level: Begynder Explain this
Udgivet på: 24 november 2016
Sideantal: 71
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: FJH2266