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Musicians of all abilities often rely on a tuner to help them ensure that their instrument is in tune and ready to play. The TGI90 is a chromatic tuner which means that it is suitable for all instruments, so is not limited to guitar only. The tuner clips to the headstock or bridge of the instrument for ease of use, convenience and most of all an increased level of tuning accuracy. When tuning, the chosen note status - either sharp of flat - is clearly shown on the digital display which also uses colour to visually indicate when the correct pitch is achieved.

Suitable for a variety of instruments including Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin and Ukulele! Powered by one 3V (CR2032 Lithium) battery, it will provide many hours of reliable tuning. Calibrated to 430Hz - 459Hz with a tuning rage of A0-C8.

Udgivet på: 02 marts 2017
Katalognummer: TGI90

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      Tewkesbury GB Teach guitar, ukulele, bass.
      The appearance has appeal and the construction is rugged.
      The on/off switch is microscopic in size. The tuner does not light up when the correct pitch is reached. So many cheaper tuners do. The triangle that shows you are in tune is small whereas the flat to pitch or sharp to pitch are easy to see. The swivel foot is quite stiff.
      Bekræftet køb: 08 september 2017
      Udgivet den: 26 september 2017

      Good morning Trevor, Thank you for your feedback, I am sorry to hear that your disappointed with your purchase, We have a 30 day return and refund policy. if you would like to return this please email [email protected] and we can arrange that please quote order no 6083807 in all emails kind regards Karen –

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