Sarah Quartel: Snow Angel

Bog | SSAA - Lige stemmer, Cello, Slagtøj, Klaverakkompagnement, Kor

Komponist: Sarah Quartel
Format: Nodehæfter | Sangalbum

Sarah Quartel's Snow Angel for SSAA, solo Cello, Djembe and Piano.

Already a firm favourite with choirs across the world, Snow Angel is an evocative five-movement choral work that explores themes of love, rebirth, and beauty through the eyes of children and the heavenly army of angels that watch over them, yearning to make a difference to their lives. The work may be performed with narration, in which three angels present their perspectives on their earthly charges.

Sarah Quartel weaves a haunting and poignant Cello line throughout the work, and a vibrant part for Djembe in movement four, 'Sweet child', carries the listener from the ethereal and mystical realm the work predominantly inhabits into an emphatic anthem with a distinctly African feel. The musical language is emotive and pictorial, allowing performers to play an active role in the storytelling.
Snow Angel is also available in a version for SATB.

ISBN: 9780193512283
Skill Level: Let Explain this
Udgivet på: 06 februar 2017
Sideantal: 40
Længde: 20 minutes
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: 9780193512283

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        Sarah Quartel: Snow Angel
        SSAA - Lige stemmer, Cello, Slagtøj, Klaverakkompagnement, Kor
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