ABRSM Theory Workbook 7


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The new series of Theory Workbooks is designed to provide a practical guide to the Associated Board's higher-grade theory examinations from 1999 upwards.
Theory Workbook Grade 7 describes the nature of the questions set on theory papers for the grade and explains clearly how to tackle them. A step-by-step guide is given to answering the questions on harmony and melodic composition and suggested answers and responses are analysed. Several samples round off these chapters, providing ample opportunity for the student to put theory into practice immediately. the context questions are prefaced by an introduction outlining the knowledge tested in the exam; these chapters contain a total of twelve sample extracts, each accompanied by many relevant questions, with answers given at the back of the book.
This workbook focuses precisely on the skills and knowledge needed at Grade 7 and will provide candidates with the tools to approach the paper positively and sit it successfully.
ISBN: 9781860960888
Skill Level: Medium-øvet Explain this
Sideantal: 116
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: D088X


      This book is very useful, as are the others in the series. Rather than teaching (which should be done anyway) it shows exactly how the exam questions are set out and how to go about answering them. Having had a number of students try out just using past papers and using this series of books, the better results are from these. 4 stars simply because you need other books to do the exam with.
      Anonym - (High Wycombe, United Kingdom)
      ABRSM theory books are clear and easy to use. I then purchase test papers for them.
      Anonym - (Solihull, United Kingdom)
      The best advice for complicated Bach and instrumental teschnique. Only rely upin this if you have had good/brilliant instrumental tuition. I think it would be pointless to do these higher grades without a thorough grounding in analysis. Annie Warbutton's harmony exercises are also highly recommended.
      Anonym - (Sunderland, United Kingdom)

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