Music Theory In Practice Grade 6


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The indispensable guide to theory from the Associated Board. Covers all topics required for Grade 6, with plenty of practice examples and simple, precise explanations.
ISBN: 9781854725912
Sideantal: 72
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        Much clearer wording / instruction than in Grades 1 to 5, and fewer subjects than the overloaded Grade 5. It is possible for a keen student to teach themselves from this book, and there are plenty of exercises for each subject. Expecting non- keyboard students at this level to recognise the styles of Telemann /Handel /Haydn &tc. is, however, still a bit harsh (Section D).
        Anonym - (Scotland)
        A good start to grade 6 theory by Aston and Webb. However, from my initial reading, this book is unlikely to cover all the ground needed at this grade. This series, under the authorship of Eric Taylor for Grades 1 -5 has been excellent and with the supporting material by the same author was more than sufficient for the grade exams. As a student, I remain unconvinced that this particular book(Grade 6)will cut the mustard. It needs more supporting material from the ASBRM. The AB's Guide to Music Theory Part 2 (also by Eric Taylor)appears insuffient as well.
        Anonym - (Milton Keynes, United Kingdom)
        Very comprehensive book on Grade 6 theory. Good explanation and lots of examples. The Associated Board textbooks are useful in conjunction with this book.
        Anonym - (Belfast, United Kingdom)
        A great step up from grade 5. I recommend carrying on with the Music Theory exam grade after grade 5, and this book provides all of the things you need to know plus excersises and examples to do. This book has more emphasis on harmony and counterpoint rather than work on intervals, scales etc. An essential next step for anyone wanting to study music
        Anonym - (Congleton, United Kingdom)

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