ABRSM Jazz Piano: Scales Grades 1-5

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This book of jazz scales will develop the technical skills you need to play jazz. It introduces patterns characteristic of the idiom, like the blues scale, the pentatonic and various modes, and it explores these patterns on the roots and key centres commonly found in jazz. Regular and flexible practice of these forms, and using them as the basis for improvisation, will give you fluency and technical control. This book sets out the scales by grade and gives a table of recommended speeds.

ISBN: 9781860960086
Skill Level: Let Explain this
Sideantal: 20
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Katalognummer: D0081

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      GB Music teacher and parent
      Excellent value for money getting grade 1-5 in one book - much better than the normal scale books.
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      Easy to follow with all the fingering I use these scales even if pupils are not taking the exam as broadens their learning
      Anonym - (Solihull)
      Everything you need. The ABRSM jazz material is very good although you pretty much have to buy it all to see how it fits together.
      Anonym - (London, England)

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