Andrea Cutuli: Iniziazione Al Piano Latino - Collezione 3D (Book/CD/DVD)

Bog, CD og DVDs / Videos | Klaver solo

Forlag: Carisch
Author: Andrea Cutuli
Format: Nodehæfter | Studie

This method is intended for pianists and other Keyboard players with the desire to learn Latin music and other South American rhythms.

You will begin with a review of basic harmony and discover arrangements typical of the different styles of Latin music, as well as their musical applications.

Regarding improvisation, you will find simple explanations and appropriate examples, and you will be provided with a solid introduction to the interpretation of the solos.

From Samba to Bossa Nova, Guarija, Son Montuno, the Cha Cha Cha , Salsa and even the Blue-Bossa, many different styles are covered in this book.

The DVD video features examples to aid your understanding, while the audio CD contains many musical accompaniments, over which you can play some of the styles taught in the lessons as well as practice freely.

ISBN: 9788850728978
Udgivet på: 15 januar 2015
Sideantal: 56
Sprog: Italiensk
Katalognummer: ML3755