Paulo Veiga: Le Grandi Melodie Classiche Per Il Sassofono (Book/CD)

Bog og CD | Saxofon

Forlag: Carisch
Author: Paolo Veiga
Format: Nodehæfter | Studie

This book enables Saxophone players to practice some of the greatest classical works on the alto Eb Saxophone. It has three main objectives: to enrich your musical culture, to improve your technique and to allow you to have fun while playing well known tunes.

Pieces by all the great composers are included. You will learn symphonies, sonatas, lieder, arias, Renaissance dances, orchestral pieces, ballet pieces and waltzes, as well as instrumental pieces such as preludes, nocturnes, studies, marches etc.

In addition, to make learning and playing fun, each score is accompanied by two audio recordings (MP3) on the included CD which features more than six hours of music.

ISBN: 9788850728992
Udgivet på: 15 januar 2015
Sideantal: 56
Sprog: Italiensk
Katalognummer: ML3757