Claude Worms: Nino Miguel - Etude De Style (Book/CD)

Bog og CD | Guitar

Forlag: Carisch
Kunstner: Nino Miguel
Author: Claude Worms
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole

Miguel Vega Cruz - Nino Miguel - (1952-2013 ) is one of the most unique artists in the history of flamenco Guitar. This official discography consists of two LPs published in 1975 and 1976 by ??Paco de Lucia.

These first two recordings that were enough to make him a legendary reference for both professionals (Tomatito, Rafael Riqueni, Juan Carlos Romero) and for fans.

Nino Miguel's music possesses energy and a raw sound with an aesthetic that favors the immediate emotion. Melodically inspiring, his compositions are rhythmic streams of thoughts bordering on improvisation.

Miguel's interpretations defy musical notation (articulation, rubato). The CD that accompanies this book contains original recordings that are essential listening when studying this great musician.

This book contains seven full transcripts taken from the two original compositions - emblematic titles that have become classics of the genre. The collection also includes some unreleased joys, recorded live for the movie 'Nino Miguel in Concert'.

Udgivet på: 08 januar 2015
Sideantal: 79
Sprog: Fransk
Katalognummer: MF2412

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