Stefano Liberini: 50 Accompagnamenti Per Chitarra Acustica (Book/CD/DVD)

Bog, CD og DVDs / Videos | Akustisk guitar

Forlag: Carisch
Format: Nodehæfter | Studie

This method includes 50 accompaniments of all levels for the Acoustic Guitar. These accompaniments are inspired by some of the greatest guitarists and songwriters of all time; Tim Buckley, Tracy Chapman, Nick Drake, The Eagles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Ben Harper, Jason Mraz and more.

These rhythms - in addition to the pleasure of playing them - will allow you to become familiar with the various techniques required for playing Acoustic Guitar accompaniments.

The DVD video allows you to listen to and view the above 50 accompaniments at both normal and reduced speeds, giving you the chance to make the right gestures, and choose fingerings that are best suited to the playing time.

The MP3 CD contains the 50 backing tracks played at two different speeds; the first is normal speed - the speed to be achieved - while the second is reduced to help study.

This Book, CD and DVD set includes more than 6 hours of music in total, giving you the opportunity to practice playing in many possible conditions.

ISBN: 9788850728985
Udgivet på: 08 januar 2015
Sideantal: 52
Sprog: Italiensk
Katalognummer: ML3756

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