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The Planet Waves NS Capo Lite makes playing in different pitches and keys a breeze. The resilient high-strength thermoplastic construction of this Capo makes it ideal for use on acoustic and electric 6 string Guitars. The unique micrometer adjustment system provides even more precision and accuracy, without any of the annoying fret-buzz.

With the distinctive design of the NS Capo Lite, you can dial in the exact tension needed for your type of Guitar, your playing position and your strings. This makes everything sound better and means you don't have to retune your Guitar during and after use - a real godsend! 

The Capo is light-weight, making this easy to use (you can operate it with one hand!) and fantastically functional, while the material used means it's an affordable choice for everyone, beginner to advanced. This particular Capo is best used on Guitars with radiused fretboards, and unfortunately is not recommended for use with 12-strings.

So don't fret, if you're in the market for your first Capo, or you need a new one, check out the NS Capo Lite and enjoy the superior usability and performance of this unique tool.
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