D'Addario: EXP110 Nickel Wound Guitar Strings - Light (10-46)

| Guitar

Forlag: D'addario
These D'Addario Light Guitar Strings will serve you well, from their bright, clean tone to their long-lasting consistent performance, the 10-46 gauge is the most popular string gauge.

The EXP range of Guitar strings are some of the longest-lasting you can buy. They are coated and wound, meaning each string is initially coated, and then wound over the top, so that in terms of feel and tone, the strings are identical to their popular XP range of Guitar strings, the only difference is, these will last at least 4 times as long! 

D'Addario Guitar Strings are known for their distinctive bright and warm tone, giving your instrument effectively a new lease of life after a fresh string change. They are packaged in a corrosion resistant bag to always ensure sparkling new strings that haven't made contact with the air. 


  • e: .010 - Plain Steel
  • B: .013 - Plain Steel
  • G: .017 - Plain Steel
  • D: .026 - Nickel Wound
  • A: .036 - Nickel Wound
  • E: .046 - Nickel Wound
Udgivet på: 16 juni 2011
Katalognummer: EXP110