Ian Venables: Three Pieces For Violin And Piano Op.11

Bog | Violin, Klaverakkompagnement

Forlag: Novello
Komponist: Ian Venables
Format: Nodehæfter | Studie

Three Pieces For Violin And Piano Op.11 were the first works to be written by composer Ian Venables after he moved to Worcestershire in 1986. The pieces, Pastorale, Romance and Dance have been called some of the most beautiful pieces for Violin and Piano ever composed.

Brimming with melodic invention and radiant lyricism, the music of Three Pieces For Violin And Piano is both rich and varied. Pastorale begins the interplay between the Violin and the Piano with a beautifully relaxing melodic accord, with an Elgarian influence firmly on its sleeve. Romance exhibits the best kind of artistic simplicity, a musical love-letter featuring an achingly heartbreaking conversation between the two instruments, often ambiguous in its outlook. Dance concludes the Three Pieces with a rhythmically upbeat melody laden with staccato that unfolds into a lovely harmonic concordance, a fitting end to this series of dialogue between the Violin and Piano.
Ian Venables' Three Pieces For Violin And Piano Op.11 is a beautifully composed work that is guaranteed to have audiences craving more of such a lovely interplay of these two instruments.
ISBN: 9781783057689
Udgivet på: 12 december 2014
Sideantal: 36
Længde: 12 Minutes
Katalognummer: NOV165022

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        Ian Venables: Three Pieces For Violin And Piano Op.11
        Violin, Klaverakkompagnement
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