The Danish Radio Big Band: A Good Time Was Had By All (6 CD-Box Set)


Format: Audio / Video | Indspillet opførelse

Released to commemorate The Danish Radio Big Band's 50th anniversary, this 6 CD box set from Storyville Records features broadcasts, studio recordings and live performances from all five decades of the band's history.

The Danish Radio Big Band stands as a unique musical phenomenon that has thrived through many permutations and shifting leaderships. Ib Glindeman, Stan Kenton and Thad Jones have all led the band in swinging with a pulsating beat. Thoughout the years the band has played with guest conductors, including Ben Webster, Palle Mikkelborg and Django Bates, all of who have put their distinct mark on the music.

The Danish Radio Big Band have not only broadcasted and recorded their music, but have also toured with great success.

With The Danish Radio Big Band: A Good Time Was Had By All you can hear Stan Kenton lead the band in the 60s, Ben Webster's hilarious instruction of the band in the 70s, a UK tour from the 80s, Bob Brookmeier conducting the band in the 90s with Art Farmer on Flugelhorn, hear Jim McNeely lead the band through a romping rendition of a Lil Armstrong tune in the 00s and a brand new recording from 2014.

Udgivet på: 30 juli 2014
Sprog: Dansk
Katalognummer: STV1088616