Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen: Ophelia Dances (Score)

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Ophelia Dances - Concerto for Sinfonietta and Accordion (2012) by Svend Hvidfelt Nielsen.

Dedicated to and premiered by Bjarke Mogensen and Århus Sinfonietta.

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Programme note:

"Ophelia Dances" - ???
What in the world should this mean? Is the composer suggesting that he has made a sound track for a virtual
performance of Shakespeare's Hamlet? Does Ophelia dance at all?
Or did the composer believe, that Ophelia is beautifull and so is his music. He believes?
Maybe it is rather a way to make up for the randomness and lack of coherence of his music?
No less than 12 movements has been schethed. If not this apparent mass of movements is also purely virtual.
A shere gimmick as many of these movements are played attacca and movements VI-IX are played similtaniously,
simply tossed on top of one another!
Well, being the composer I should know. The closest I can get to an explanaition is however, that to me the music
has a certain fragility, that reminds me of this Ophelia of Hamlet.
And in my music, I hear her dance.
Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen, oktober 2012

ISBN: 9788759829257
Udgivet på: 29 november 2017
Sideantal: 74
Længde: 20
Katalognummer: WH31938

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