The Bavarian King Ludwig Rubber Duck

Forlag: Bosworth
Rubber duck made from natural rubber. Designed after the famous Bavarian king Otto Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig II (1845-1886). 

As a rubber duck, he is no less formidable, ruling your bathtub like a true monarch should. The Bavarian splashing that will go on in your bathtub knows no bounds with this enchantingly hilarious rubber duck.

Not only this:

  • It's made of totally harmless natural rubber
  • The colours are 100% latex, manufactured entirely without solvents and plastics. They are hand-painted in a safe environment making them harmless for even young children to play with
  • Each duck is totally unique
  • All ducks are supplied with a quality certificate
Udgivet på: 09 januar 2013
Katalognummer: BOE7703

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