Michael Bremer: Clawhammer Cookbook - Tools, Techniques & Recipes For Playing Clawhammer Banjo

Bog og CD | Banjo

Forlag: Hal Leonard
Author: Michael Bremer
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole

Whether you're explaining how to cook food or make great music, there are two approaches that can be taken to writing a cookbook. One way is to give the reader a bunch of recipes and explain 'here's how to make the dish'. Another way is to teach them how to cook, by sharing with them techniques for mixing flavors and the knowledge of when, where and how to apply heat. With ideas on how to add your own touches, it is easy to make the dish – or the tune – your own.

The Clawhammer Cookbook takes the second of these paths. Michael Bremer doesn't tell the reader how to play the songs, he teaches ways to approach, arrange and personalise any tune – helping them to develop their own unique style.

The Clawhammer Cookbook features old-time music, as well as pieces in a few other musical styles. This book comes complete with a CD, containing demos of all the songs and examples, to aid in the learning process.

ISBN: 9781480338326
Udgivet på: 07 maj 2014
Sideantal: 128
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: HL00118354