Sabicas, Volumen 2

Bog og CD | Guitar

Author: José Fuente
Format: Nodehæfter | Studie

The life and work of Sabicas contradicts the widespread idea that you have to be Andalusian to play flamenco. Sabicas, an exceptional guitarist and composer in the history of flamenco, lived most of his life in America. This long "exile" explains without doubt why Sabicas was the first flamenco guitarist essentially playing solo concerts. His large concert discography exceeds that of Paco de Lucía and Manolo Sanlúcar.

This is one of two volumes that focus on Sabicas varied works. This volume (Temas Flamencos) covers the fundamentals of Bulerías, fandangos, the Siguiriyas, the Soleares etc. The first volume (Temas De Concierto) is focused on Sabicas works inspired by the Iberian folklore or some marginal forms of flamenco repertoire.

ISBN: 9788850724864
Udgivet på: 06 februar 2012
Sideantal: 100
Sprog: Spansk
Katalognummer: ML3470

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        Sabicas, Volumen 2
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