New Illustrated Lives Of The Great Composers: Claude Debussy

Bog og CD

Forlag: Omnibus Press
Author: Paul Holmes
Format: Bøger | Biografi
This fully illustrated biography of the great composer Claude Debussy draws from personal letters, recollections, engravings, paintings and other images to give a complete overview and an in-depth look at the life, times and work of such a giant of music. The book also includes a CD featuring Debussy's greatest compositions, making this an invaluable resource for all lovers of music.

Written by the very capable Paul Holmes, this New Illustrated Lives Of The Great Composers edition takes the reader from Debussy's early years, his studying and travelling and his life in Rome, all the way to his successes, scandals, seclusion and return and finally to his last days. The reader will find comprehensive and authoritative text, as well as photographs, paintings and many other primary sources that illuminate the context in which the 'father of modern music' was composing.

The fantastic accompanying CD allows the reader to hear the works as they learn about Debussy, with such masterpieces as Arabesque No.1, Clair De Lune and Reflets Dans L'Eau being included.
ISBN: 9781780384467
Udgivet på: 25 november 2015
Sideantal: 144
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: OP54648