The Killers: Days & Ages


Forlag: Omnibus Press
Kunstner: The Killers
Author: Mark Beaumont
Format: Bøger | Biografi

Few bands have done for their home-town what The Killers did for Las Vegas. They took Sin City’s heady mix of neon glitz and dangerous undercurrent and turned it into vibrant music that made them one of the biggest bands in the world.

The Killers: Days & Ages traces their rise through a decade of driving ambition and unbeatable synth-rock melodies to today’s global fame and acclaim from their own heroes, including Bono, Elton John, Neil Tennant, Bruce Springsteen and legions of fans.

Including new and exclusive interviews with the band themselves, close associates and famous tour-mates, Mark Beaumont’s biography tells the incredible, in-depth story of The Killers - the band that slayed the world.

Watch the video to one of The Killers most famous songs, Mr. Brightside, right here:

ISBN: 9781783050451
Udgivet på: 26 juni 2014
Sideantal: 440
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: OP55352

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