Método de Cante y Baile Flamenco y su Acompañamiento, Vol.1 (Voice & Guitar)

Bog og CD | Guitar, Guitar Tab, Stemme

Author: David Leiva
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole
The tutorial of flamenco song and dance and its accompaniment is the first written material that presents all the basic melodic lines for flamenco song as well as the traditional dance structures written in score, in two-part form: voice and flamenco guitar (standard notation and tabulature). This first volume collects the families of “Soleás”, “Bulerías” and “Siguiriyas”.
ISBN: 9788438709993
Udgivet på: 22 september 2008
Sideantal: 136
Sprog: Engelsk, Spansk
Katalognummer: ML2854

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