Edexcel A2 Music Study Guide 4th edition


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This study guide can be used throughout your Edexcel A2 Music course to support your schoolwork, and follows the specification for exams from summer 2013 onwards.

It includes:

  • Detailed analysis of all the set works, providing a clear and concise outline of the key features of each work and its musical context, with practice questions to help you check you have understood the information given
  • Advice on how to improve your analytical writing about music
  • Sample essay questions to use for practice
  • Tips on how to hone your listening skills and develop your aural awareness
  • In-depth guidance on the requirements of the Composition and Technical Study unit, with information on genres, instrumentation and how to develop your ideas
  • Advice on how to tackle Extended Performance
  • A comprehensive glossary explaining all the technical musical terms you will need to know

Written in a clear and approachable style by experienced teachers and examiners, this book will help you to prepare thoroughly for your exam.

ISBN: 9781780384948
Udgivet på: 17 maj 2012
Sideantal: 136
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: RHG302

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