Carl Nielsen: Saul Og David (Danish/German Piano Reduction)

Bog | Stemme, Kor, Klaverakkompagnement

Komponist: Carl Nielsen
Format: Nodehæfter | Sangalbum

Carl Nielsen was a Danish musician, conductor and violinist, widely recognized as his country's greatest composer. Nielsen is especially noted for his six symphonies, his Wind Quintet and his concertos for Violin, Flute and Clarinet. In Denmark, his opera ‘Maskarade’ and many of his songs have become an integral part of the national heritage.

Saul og David is the first of the two operas by the Danish composer. The four-act libretto tells the Biblical story of Saul's jealousy of the young David, taken from the Book of Samuel. This edition features the Voice parts with Piano reduction accompaniment.

With the 150th anniversary of Nielsen’s birth in 2015 there is no more appropriate time to (re)discover this master composer!

ISBN: 9788759811252
Udgivet på: 20 marts 2011
Sideantal: 338
Sprog: Tysk, Dansk
Katalognummer: CN00033

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        Carl Nielsen: Saul Og David (Danish/German Piano Reduction)
        Stemme, Kor, Klaverakkompagnement
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