The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology: Volume 1 (Soprano) (Book/Online Audio)

Bog og Digitale Audio | Stemme, Sopran

Forlag: Hal Leonard
Format: Audio / Video | Backing tracks

The world's most trusted source for great theatre literature for singing actors. Features included online audio of Piano accompaniments. The book contains authentic editions of each song in the original keys. The songs have been carefully chosen for each voice type and are culled from a wide selection of classic and contemporary shows.

ISBN: 9781423423645
Udgivet på: 15 marts 2011
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: HL00000483

        The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology - Volume 1 (Soprano) Book/2CDs anmeldelser indsamlet af reevooReevoo

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        The songs are all in the original keys from the shows.
        A minor irritation - the names of the composers are not included in the "Contents" page
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        Udgivet den: 14 april 2015
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        GB Peripatetic Music Teacher
        This book contains many songs currently on exam lists of ABRSM and TG
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