Der Alleinunterhalter - Das Komplette Programm Für Den Gelungenen Abend

Bog | Melodilinie, tekst og becifring

Forlag: Bosworth
Format: Nodehæfter | Sangbog

Featuring 100 songs in melody line, lyrics and chords format, this is the only sheet music songbook you'll need for a successful evening of musical entertainment.

With its massive selection of tunes old and new, this songbook will keep the party going for around 5-6 hours, keeping everyone entertained with the classic selection of songs drawn from a great number of genres. What makes this book extra special, is that within the appendix, there is a suggested program in which songs have been arranged for you thematically - so you don't even have to think about the playlist, just pick up the book and start playing. 
This party sheet music songbook is A4 size, with a convenient and practical spiral binding, so it will stay open on your music stand. Every song features a melody line with chord and lyrics, as well as information on genre, style and tempo, a great help for choosing the entertainment for the evening. Not only this, but there are dance suggestions, too, to really get your guests moving!
ISBN: 9783865436511
Udgivet på: 28 februar 2008
Sideantal: 274
Sprog: Tysk
Katalognummer: BOE6261

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