A New Tune A Day: Violin - Book/CD (Spanish Edition)

Bog og CD | Violin

Forlag: Boston Music
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole

Since it appeared for the first time in the 30's, the clarity and precision of its contents of the best seller series, One song each day has supposed a musical revolution in the classrooms and homes.
Now for teh first time, the original books by C. Paul Herfurth have been completely reedited with
new music and the music technics more updated for a new generation of musicians. The
book A new song each day follows the same logic, gradual rhythm and detailed attention but with,
lots of novelties: the inclusion an audio CD with real performances and accompanying music
will make the practise even more fun and exciting, and the diagrams
explanatory and photographs will help the student to improve his technique.
This book contains:
• Advises on equipment
• Instructions for to make the techniques more efficient and the posture more comfortable
• Explanatory Section on music reading
• Easy lessons to folow in simple well structured pages
• Audio CD with virtuoso performance, accompanying music and audio examples
• Excelent music that include duos and groups
• Tests to evaluate the progress and comprehension
• Useful detachable graphics with the first positions of the fingers.

ISBN: 9781849388610
Udgivet på: 06 marts 2011
Sprog: Spansk
Katalognummer: BM12606

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