Carsten Dahl: Effata - Solo Piano


Kunstner: Carsten Dahl
Format: Audio / Video | Indspillet opførelse
Carsten Dahl is a multi-faceted pianist - and quite likely the best and most creative pianist in Europe. In 2000 he recorded The Butterfly Dream, his first solo CD for Storyville. There were 14 tracks on the CD, named "1", "2", "3", etc., except for the 13th tune that was named "The Butterfly Dream".

A decade later he is repeating the concept with this new CD - this time 15 numbers that he calls "EFFATA 1", "EFFATA 2", etc., except for track 15, which is titled "GLORIE" and is dedicated to his wife, the saxophonist Christina Dahl. The Aramaic word EFFATA means "be opened" and is one that informs the artist.

Listening to the CD, one thinks of Keith Jarrett and Cecil Taylor and their style of free improvisation, or Mary Lou Williams, who had the same ideas with her album Zodiac Suite.

Liner notes by Suzanne Brøgger.
Udgivet på: 05 april 2013
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: STV1014265

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