Aulos: Treble Recorder

Instrument | Alto (Treble) Recorder

Forlag: Aulos
Format: Instrumenter | Instrument
Diskantblokfløjte i det klassiske Aulos-design. Transportkasse med lynlås, rensestang, smørelse og tommelstøtte medfølger.
Katalognummer: FCN1739Y


      A really good recorder with a good tone quality - perfect for learning. Super service too :0)
      Anonym - (Hereford, United Kingdom)
      Really pleased with this recorder.It's got a lovely tone and the finger spacing feels really natural. Fingering takes a bit of getting used to after years of descant and oboe, but it's an enjoyable challenge. excellent value too.
      Anonym - (Newport-On-Tay, United Kingdom)

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      Aulos: Treble Recorder
      Alto (Treble) Recorder
      kr. 265,80